best commission您欣赏我们的产品吗?您想推广它们并从您的网站上赚钱吗?

如果您还没有 Avangate 或 RegNow 的附属帐户,请继续创建一个;注册过程非常简单。.
*成为成功的会员不需要特殊技能,您甚至不需要拥有一个网站。您可以使用网站、Facebook 帐户、雅虎答案、Adwords、文章、论坛等发布我们网站的链接,就如何使用我们的产品提供建议或推荐它们。只需将您的会员 ID 添加到您的链接并获得购买的任何产品的佣金(请参阅下面的链接生成器)!

指定您的支付系统: and your ID:

* 佣金 100% 保证!
下载链接为会员提供了获得销售佣金的安全性,因为您的会员 ID 不仅放置在用户浏览器中,而且还放置在应用程序的购买按钮中。即使客户使用的浏览器与他最初下载应用程序时使用的浏览器不同,这也可以确保您获得佣金。

Default commission is 30% but if you do the following your commission can be as high as 50% or even 55%.

From 30% you can increase your commission with this list of bonus:
- Share a direct email contact with VSO (write to affiliate (at) ) +5 %
- Provide your contact info of the MSN / Yahoo / Skype messenger account you are regularly connected to +5%
- Use our custom links (see link generator ) +5%
- Promote a VSO product on your homepage +5%
= 50% commission

If you sell more than 100 copies per month we will increase your commission by +5%

We would like to offer the best relationship, tips, additional material and communication between publishers and affiliates, whether you prefer a personalized cash payout, custom coupon for your visitors, guides, etc. We can help you only if you ask for it: affiliate (at)

What's next? You can use the PAD files (for more information about PAD click here)

  Product PAD URL
dvd converter DVD Converter
Blindwrite software to copy data or audio or games CD or DVD Blindwrite
CopyTo burn audio data movies pictures and video to CD and DVD CopyTo
PhotoDVD create slideshow from photos to a CD or DVD PhotoDVD
ConvertXtoDVD convert and burn AVI to DVD VSO ConvertXtoDVD
(formerly DivxtoDVD)
blu-ray converter Blu-ray Converter Ultimate
free avchd editor AVCHD Editor
free video downloader VSO Downloader
free bluray player VSO Media Player
  VSO Free Mkv Webm Converter

Ressources for affiliates

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

- How much does it cost to become an Affiliate?
Signing-up as an affiliate is free of charge. No setup fee, no start up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach!

- I'm not interested by an affiliate program, I would prefer to resell your products. What do you suggest?
It is possible, you can use a direct connection with our key generator, contact us first for further details.

- When am I paid?
You are paid from Avangate or RegNow (the affiliate program you are using). You can set up your payment schedule in each platform. A minimum month target of 100 EURO in Avangate / 100 USD for RegNow has to be reached, otherwise the value of the commission will be reported for the following month.

- How can I add addtional tracking to know where my sales are coming from?
Use the tracking option in the link generator, for Avangate order this translates to your 'AFFSRC' and in RegNow your 'linkid'.

- Can I use coupons, where do I get them?
Yes you can offer coupon discounts on our products to your users. In both Avangate and RegNow you can create your own discount coupon offers. From time to time VSO has coupons available to the public and available to affiliates, these coupons are generally only valid for a limited time.

- How long are the cookies life?
Cookies are valid for 100 days.

- Can I use VSO banners and product description on my website?
Yes, you can use the text, images, and banners from the VSO Web site on your own website with the sole purpose of promoting VSO products.


Email us if you need help or assistance. Please include your MSN or Skype contact to speed up the assistance and get better commission.
Any affiliate promoting VSO products agrees to abide by the following policies. Any affilite breaking any clause of this agreement will have their affiliate account closed.

Affiliates are NOT ALLOWED to:

- Use our brand and product names in paid search engine campaigns.  No words which make illusion to our product brand will be permitted. Example of cases not tolerated: VSO PhotoDVD, VSO converter, ConvertX, etc.

- Use VSO website inside an Iframe.

-Resell our products on ebay or any other bidding-type website

- Own a domain with the brand name of VSO or VSO product names or their abbreviates, miss spellings, etc.  Affiliate must write to VSO for written permission for exceptional cases.

- Use any coupons other than public or your own personally created coupons. In other words you may only use coupons that are displayed in the affiliate Avangate Control Panel or have been communicated to you by newsletter.
VSO official affiliate

bluray converter