How to Create Blu-ray from mts

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How to create blu-ray files from mts or mt2s files

You have a digital camera (Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc.) recoding mts or m2ts files and you want to keep their high definition and high quality yet burn these files to a disk?  With Free AVCHD Editor you can do this in just a couple of clicks.  AVCHD Editor does not do any video authoring, it will simply create a true Blu-ray and or AVCHD structure so that your files will play correctly on a Blu-ray player and maintain their HD resolution and quality.  

Step 1: Download and install AVCHD Editor

Download and install AVCHD Editor.  This is a straight forward process.

Step 2: Transfer video camera files to Computer

Either you copy the entire AVCHD structure from your camera to your computer (just copy the AVCHD folder, the subfolders will be copied too) or you use the MTS files directly from the memory card of the video camera.

Step 3: Add files to AVCHD Editor

Open AVCHD Editor.  Click on "Normal".
normal view

Add the files to your project. You can add files with these extensions:
- index.bdmv, index.bdm, movieObject.bdmv, or movieObj.bdm
- playlist.mpls or playlist.mpl
- .clpi, .clp
- .mts or m2ts only if it has its corresponding clip information file

You can add a file by dragging and dropping it into the interface or  using the + icon.