Getting started!

If you’d rather video quickstart guide, here it is.
If you have download errors or detection problems, read this.

Download VSO Downloader, install and run it after installation. You have 3 modes to download your videos:

vso downloader right click

Once the file is successfully downloaded, you can either play it with the default media player on your PC.
Click on case will open the folder where your downloads are stored.
The output folder is indicated and can be changed in Settings > Download Download folder.

WARNING: Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is a form of digital encryption.
Protection is applied on the copyrights of multimedia files to control or limit their distribution.
Our software cannot download a video with this protection.
For example a video on Netflix cannot be downloaded with our software because of DRM.


- Support us: A link to our web site.
- Join VSO translation program: Want to help us translate the software? It’s this way.
- Social Networks: See you soon our social networks.


Click on Settings. Here are displayed different categories as below:

downloader settings profiles
Help, About, Support

- Help: Find differents tools to help you like VSO technical support, tutorials and a link to our forum.
- Update: Check for any software update
- About: Find your current software version information (Engine, FFMPEG and program uses)