May issue: VSO news, win a Goldmember and our most popular tutorials

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Life at VSO
Busy bees
Over the last few weeks, VSO has been busy not only birthing 5 new major versions of our video converters but real babies too!  The Team is now back on its feet, so stay tuned: more to come soon! 
The VSO newsletter is turning 5
Wow, we can't believe it's been 5 years since our first newsletter!
We'd love to get your feedback: please answer our quick survey and enter our draw to win one of five Goldmember license!
Answer our survey and enter the draw to become a Goldmember!
Every month, we inform you and give you tips about video conversion and help you achieve unique video projects!
To celebrate this milestone, we have compiled the most popular guides we've shared with you over the years:
VSO guides: the Best Of
How to merge files together to make a single video
Save and burn another copy of your conversions
How to embed subtitles into your video
Save your conversions to USB or hard drive
Download video content from the Internet
How to cut the video and remove unwanted footage
Just in: our gift guide for Mother's day

    Are you looking for gift ideas for your mother (or any special lady)?
If she likes movies and TV shows, then look no further!
          Check out our great gift ideas      

And finally....
Happy clients
A big Thank You to our users for their amazing feedback (read some below).
If you want to let us know what you think of our programs, please use our user review tool.
"Very user friendly,easy to use and provides excellent options and fantastic results."

"I like your software. It's intuitive and very efficient."
"Fantastic software for novice & expert alike"

"A program that deliver's 100% of what it promises"

"Best program, I have tried them all"
"Very happy buyer"

"I've not found anything as good or better"

"I've had this software for over a year now and never had a single fault"

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