VSO Software Newsletter n°9

February 2012

In this issue:
- Wha
t's new?
- VSO Helpdesk
- Did you know?

What's new?

- VSO Media Player: New options
VSO Media Player is going a step further with new options: it now enables subtitle customization (text subtitles only) with your choice of font, color and size. There are also new settings to adjust things like image brightness and contrast.

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- Celebrate Valentine's Day in style with VSO
Create the best romantic atmosphere this Valentine's Day! Here is how VSO can help: Make a compilation of your favorite love songs (download the videos from YouTube with VSO Downloader, convert them to MP3s with the embedded converter, burn them to CD with CopyTo). Play a slideshow of the pictures of your love story (made with PhotoDVD, see the "Tips" section below), and end the evening with her/his favorite romantic comedy, converted with ConvertXtoDVD. There you have it :-)

VSO Helpdesk
At VSO, we focus on providing you the best products AND the best support. In this new section, find out how we make your life easier.

- VSO Support explained
At VSO, customer satisfaction is our n°1 goal. In the odd chance that you need help with anything, please remember that we are a small team, which means we only provide support during weekdays. We try to answer within 24 hours max to each request, most often, you get an answer straightaway. Also, as a European-based company, remember the time difference may explain the delay in responding (like other human beings, we sleep at night :-). If we're not available right when you need us, please have a look at our forum to check if your problem hasn't already been fixed or to check out the guides.

- New email address?
To make sure you don't miss out on any special offers or new versions, please let us know if you (have) change (d) your email address, using this form.

Did you know?

- How to...
Synchronize your photos and music with PhotoDVD? It's Valentine's day and if you want to make a very special gift to your loved one, why not make a DVD slideshow with your best pictures? Add a romantic music, and the tears will flow :-) Follow this guide to learn how to synchronize your music to your pics and achieve the best results.

- Survey Follow-up
A big thumbs up to all those who answered our survey last month. You can check out the results here

If you want to contact us please use support form or our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Bye for now!
The VSO Software Team